Peridot and Ruby

I need to tell you a story about Something Peridot that happened to me thanks to Peridot and Ruby.

Once upon a time in 2014, Mo Abudu turned 50 and threw a ball to end them all. A lowly maiden was all a-fret and full of trepidation as she stared down the barrel of her invitation to the ball, knowing she had nothing appropriate to wear. Okay, I totally can't keep this up so let me continue with a few pictures first: 


I checked into the Westown Hotel in Ikeja early that morning and the uber glam squad made magic happen. I went from beast to this blessed creation of God in minutes. Okay, fine. Hours. 


I don't know why I'm being all Quentin Tarantino about this. Let me start again. This is a story about the dress that changed my life forever. 


The first time I saw this dress, I cried. I was absolutely besides myself much in the way I have seen brides do on Say Yes To The Dress. Then came my first fitting - I cried some more. Never in my life had anyone made me anything so prescious that defied all my own natural instincts to skalk around like a slob. I mean, just look at this dress!


I mean...


I want this dress in every colour - just look at all the possibilities 










If you want your very own Something Peridot experience, Peridot and Ruby can be reached via or better yet, call +2348187348907. 

Peace, Love & Something Peridot