Turbanista: Vol. 1

MTV Base recently held a press day to reboot the MTV Shuga series. I had a fair bit of running around to do that day - and by that, I mean sitting in traffic for more than two hours just to get to the venue - but thankfully, even though the roads let me down, my casual crumpled shirt, forgot-my-mascara-and-earrings, I'm-surprised-I-even-remembered-to-put-my-shoes-on-look-didn't. I think.

oreka godis turban grwm.jpg

I am 25 weeks post relaxer at this point which is a first for me. I'm very pleased with the growth I have so far though only my next relaxer date, trimming and comparisson pictures will tell if I have accomplished my goal. There'll be more of the hair talk on Scalp Lock in the meantime, here's a video that might help you do a better job of tying your turban.

Don't worry about making it look exactly like hers; I think half the fun is being able to find the shape that suits your beautiful head.

Peace, Love & Turb IT!