Bootcamp with Patrick Mbama

I have been the laziest of lazy slobs.

Last year, I pretty much spent most of my time eating my feelings then rightfully watched myself balloon up as a result. After experiencing some cautionionary aches, I knew it was time to sign up to the local gym - Everyone Active

It surprised me how enjoyable I found the sessions. They have some truly gifted trainers and everyone was so friendly. I loved everything about it - conversations with people before and after class, the routine, energy burst after exercise, the greatness that is discovering your own strength and seeing how much of your body you can transform just by waking up and deciding to do something.

Of all the group classes I loved, Body Pump, HiiT & yoga were my favourite. Within months, I could see beautiful change in my body and by December 2017, I was a complete convert to strength training classes. Even my HiiT wasn’t high on intensity enough unless there was at the very least a power plate involved. I knew that if I stuck to it, within a year, I would achieve my body goals. That is, until, I moved to Nigeria in 2018 and really struggled to get back on my routine. 

In Lagos, I searched everywhere for a Body Pump class but they simply don’t exist here. I tried a boxfit class, mulled over stopping by a CrossFit class, signed up to indoor cycling, yoga & pilates classes but never went and then, my body changed again. 

I lurked on my GymBae’s IG handles, envious of their workout glow. I signed up for Alo Moves and Alexia Clark’s classes, hoping I would be motivated enough to get up and do something everyday or rather five days a week. That didn’t happen. Turns out, as much as I love working out, I need the camaraderie of group sessions. I also prefer sessions that are more strength training than pure cardio; and facilities that house a wide range of activities rolled in to the monthly membership fee.

Then I stumbled on Seyi Shay’s interview with Maje Ayida where she talked about how her manager, Kamal goes to a bootcamp in V.I that’s worth checking out.

I immediately reached out to Kamal and he saved me from lethargy. He introduced me to E-Fitness Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, where Patrick Mbama leads a circuit class:

  • Tuesdays 6:30PM-7:30PM
  • Thursdays 6:30PM-7:30PM and
  • Saturdays 5:00PM-6:00PM

With Patrick, no one session is the same and no weather change stops his classes either.

I love it 😁.