The Fitness Mindset

What is your why?

That’s what Maje started the interview with. Why:

  • did you start working out

  • do you still work out

  • has this become a lifestyle choice that you place high on your priority list

In 2017, my why started with wanting to reach for something other than yet another rub of ice cream and super extra strength Vitamin D supplements.

Two years in and many whys later, I’m just glad to be around anything that keeps me honest with my goals.


How about you? What’s something you prioritise and often do all you can/ go out of your way to attend to. Is it a sacrifice you make because it will pay off financially? Physically? Emotionally? Other?

What’s the strongest ‘why’ in your arsenal that keeps you honest with your priorities?

Oreka Godis (guest) and Maje Ayida (host)

Oreka Godis (guest) and Maje Ayida (host)