Keracare: everything isn't for everybody

After a week of spritzing my hair with a homemade tea/MSM/glycerin/aloe vera mix, I noticed that my hair felt quite stiff. I thought it presented the perfect opportunity to get a roller set as I tried out a new salon which I was hoping would replace my old favourite. So, I booked myself in for a hair treatment, facial, manicure, pedicure and full body massage at said salon (Barazahi). Maybe staff have changed since Beauty In Lagos wrote about them but the day I went, they really did nothing to make me want to go back there on purpose. Especially the guy who did my hair; shout out to the lady who gave me the laziest manicure & pedicure ever. You know it is real when you have to go home and take a pumice stone to your feet yourself. And then there was the facial. Whatever it was that was applied to my face had it peeling for weeks — where usually after a few days of getting a facial, I would have a healthy glow. I also had embarrassing whiteheads pop up all over my face, I had this fuzzy peach feel all over my face and it didn't stop till I gave myself an oil treatment. I've had better facials in Downtown, but I digress. 

I don't know if it's the mineral oil in Keracare's Humecto Conditioner that my hair hates but something about that product doesn't curl all the way around. I don't know how to review my experience with the product without going on a rant about my overall salon experience so I'll instead share a screen grab from LHCF.


My roller set curls came out super dry, crispy in an almost brittle manner. I couldn't finger detangle the curls let alone put a comb through it. It just sat they all gunky looking like I'd emptied a can of none alcohol free hold spray on it. So, I went back to my apartment, co-washed with Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner -available at the Kinky Apothecary - and chalked the whole experience up to: everything isn't for everybody.

Peace, Love & Elucence