There’s still a little bit of your words on my lips, still a little of your breath on my skin, a little bit of your touch in my memories.

It's just like you said it would be, the feelings. Just like you joked it'd be. It came on just as easily as my third hook came off. You left just like you said you would.

There’s still a little of your shape in my bed, a little bit of your smile in my mirror, a little bit of your print on my wall.

And their 'I told you so' s came just as they fast as they said it would. The phone calls came just like I dreamt it would. You really did it this time

His tales of lust still wax my ears, there's still a little of his whispers around my nipple, a little of his intent on my navel. It's nothing like I thought it would be.

What are the odds of finally finding myself estranged in true sadness laced with glee. Those hands taught me to touch, those touches taught me to feel, those feelings taught me to connect. What the hell do they know anyway

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