Everything is Illuminated

From that generation
We played games with our nights and slept through our strongest moments.
We aligned ourselves with herds and allowed our transportation across counties.
We gambled with our offspring and denied them their future.
We bet away their hopes and dreams and left them instead tall tales on how life is.
We knew nothing of life then and run scared for the shade at the first sight of radiant living now.
We prospered in silent obscurity, living our days with neither want nor care.
We were simple people, we did simple things and simply can not fathom the reason why sometimes the young would rather not live on.

From this generation
We once thought we deserved our freedom.
Sure of it enough to fight for it, to lay down our lives for it, to sell our young for it, to trade our future for it.
Now here’s the justice.
There never was a freedom, there never was a light...or a tunnel...there is no spoon…
Believing in endless possibilities and willing to tackle the complexities of life, we chased after tomorrow.
Be afraid of the future, of the truth it brings - there is no future. The fight for freedom is futile.
Justice does not exist…except in the hopes and dreams of the down trodden.

If there is to be a generation
They started out in unison.
Their joint will through various forms of movement powered them through their none mission. Still a mission.
The young grew and wanted more.
Individuals cannot survive in a united front especially where the now disillusioned of the group prod at none reasons and none complexities and the methodology behind tall tales.
They believed in peace and letting the universe take them as her winds saw fit to blow.
Individually they started to fumble and things fell apart
Tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow never dies. Tomorrow, a new truth of the same truth will dawn.


Do not try to bend the spoon…instead only try to realize the truth: There is no spoon. Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Spoon Boy