The Twilight Orchestra, Found

I've been meaning to take a stab at a short story again. It's been a while and I am very rusty. Disclaimer aside, I honestly haven't been inspired. That's until I came across a set of Cerebral Causality's pictures. You might remember him from  Heart of the MatterYou should check out his new wordpress account. 

There are about five pictures on his account which I've been fumbling over writing to for about six weeks now. Yesterday, my attention was brought to the Symphonica 7 website and I fell in love with The Twilight Orchestra's  first movement, Found

So perfect is my love for Found that I just knew it would inspire a writing spree.

And now, my dilema - I can't decide which of Cerebral Causality's pictures to run with.

I. Am. Torn.

Peace, Love & OTHER Findings