Gidi Up!

This is a very small update on something I am rather excited will be coming soon to a computer near you! As you know, I tried my hands at acting earlier this year. Now, although that video is still not available for general view, the production did wake me up to something that I had totally forgotten about. 

See, me and my dear Bimbo Ayorinde (also know as Sapphire Chic) used to write, cast, produce, act and direct in school plays every Saturday when we were at AGGS. It was an all girls boarding school where the only form of entertainment we were allowed happened during Social Night and we literally created a whole theatrical production in 24 hours. It was manic but a lot of fun. More on that later (maybe). 

I know that for a lot of people (family and very close friends included), I have been seriously MIA this year but thankfully, you will soon start to see what's been keeping me away from annoying you in the way I love to. One of them is the reason for this terribly disjointed post. I’d apologise but hey, I’m excited. I’m allowed to ramble. Take a look at this video. 

Read more about the Gidi Up on BellaNaija, visit and do keep an eye on Small Female Skull too as I'll be sharing pictures and stories from the show with you once the producers give me the greenlight.

Being a part of the Gidi Up squad was a really good experience for me especially as I got to meet such wonderful people. I'll tell you more about the cast and crew later but for now, here's a picture of Karibi Fubara, me and Adeyemi Okanlawon on set:

L-R: Karibi Fubara, Oreka Godis and Adeyemi Okanlawon.

L-R: Karibi Fubara, Oreka Godis and Adeyemi Okanlawon.

I just wrote a whole unintelligible sentence which I've had to delete so, in summary: look out for Gidi Up & I'm excited! :)

Peace, Love  & Gidi Up!