Lynxxx & Friends Campus Tour

In 2011, Lynxxx made it his mission to take jollof music where it belongs – the hearts, lips and minds of music lovers. First, he dropped his debut album (December 2010) then put in work as he rolled out a tour of Nigerian universities. The first leg (June 2011) covered universities in south-west Nigeria.

I was part of the second leg of the tour covering northern Nigeria: Abuja, Benue and Nassarawa; sharing MC duties with IllRymz

If you saw season one of the tour diaries (check on episode three below) then you know that with awesome touring comes awesome tales and hijinks.

Lynxxx’s production team, Eclipse West Africa and 37th State were called upon to bring you season two of the tour diaries. If you are lucky enough to be in Africa at the moment, you get to see it first on SoundCity otherwise, keep your eyes peeled on SYNDIK8WORLD – Syndik8 Record’s YouTube Channel. Season two should be on there before the end of the year.

In the meantime, lebete!

Peace, Love & More, More, More

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