Our Best Friend's Wedding

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand with the trailer as an introduction, I say hello, good day, happy-new-whatever-period-you-are-currently-celebrating. I hope you have been busy since the last time your eyeballs had a rummage through this page? Have you been happy? Earning? Healthy and holding on to all of your edges? May your efforts never pour like a barrel of water through a wicker basket. 

The year that was 2016 was a special beast. I am convinced that all babies born in 2016 will grow up to be one of the toughest kids in the playground. Nay, THE toughest kids in life. It might not look like it to you mere weaklings now, but future them will be infallible with muscles from Brussels and immune systems tougher than if Popeye, Hercules, Thor and Xena the Warrior Princess got into bed and sired one indestructible superbaby. What does that have to do with #OBFW? Not a doggone thing! I did get a little busy in 2016 though :) 

The original prose for Our Best Friend's Wedding was written in 2011 by The Naked Convos and then, in 2015, Lydia Idakula Sobogun called me to ask if I fancied reading through a script she was holding on to. I read it, we shot a pilot and a year later, the team gathered again to shoot season one. All 12 episodes of Charles trying to find his life companion by romancing them with his awesome *erghemn* chivalry.   


 And if that fails, he has his friends Kemi and Jade who are just dying to help a brother out. Seriously, look at how eager they are to help him find a wife. 


A moment of silence please, for Captain Save-A-Ho.

So, what should you expect from this web series? Will Charles' interpretation of E-Money spraying recession proof cash help him seize-the-bae? When will we meet other cast members like Kiki Omeili, Omoye Uzamere and Ijeoma Aniebo? Will one of them be Mrs Charles Owoblow? What's Chris Attoh's name doing in the credits? Will he and Timi Fadipe lure Charles happily back to a life of George Clooney esq (pre 2014) bachelorhood? 
I could tell you but it will be a whole lot more fun for you to see for yourself: Thursdays4PM on @itsredtv's YouTube channel. The first episode is embedded for you below though I highly recommend that you watch it on Youtube so that you can click the subscribe button. That said, if you fancy live-tweeting with someone, find me on twitter, let's chop it up.

Peace, Love & #WifeyNewYear