T-Flava: B4 December

In July, singer, songwriter & producer T-Flava (of the world) gave us B4 December and many were hoping that after the success of previous hits 'Sisi Eko' and 'Who's That Girl', the talented entrepreneur will release a video for this song. He made us wait a little but it's finally here. 

Directed by Soji Ogunnaike with cameo appearances by Blackmagic (love his work), Vector and the beautiful Elizabeth Black amongst others.

Liz is such a darling and very fuss free. Love, love, love her. Shout out to our stylist, MJ and still on showing love, I hope this is the start of great things to come for T-Flava. I love the #BOB movement - of which I must find a way to make myself an honorary member. 

Shout out to Soji Ogunnaike who in the short time since I worked with him on the B4 December set, he's already given me plenty reasons to keep pushing. Positive energy like his is hard to come by and he backs it up with a serious can do spirit. This solider salutes you! 

Peace, Love & Passion Based On Belief