The Show With No Name For The Place That Cannot Be Named


Soooooooo I'm doing my treatment for a radio show at the moment. Just because. 
On paper, it doesn't look half bad at all. Well, until you ask me what the show is called and I start erming and ahing. 

I want to call it the-radio-show-for-the-digital-age-where-Oreka-Godis-gets-to-bounce-around-and-be-hyperactive-until-her-time-is-up but apparently that's too long. I'm told I have to brand it, have my name all over the gaff like a dog marking territory. Charming. 

Try as I might, all I can think of is boring names like

The Oreka Godis Breakfast Show
Your Oreka Godis Breakfast Show
Our Breakfast Show with Oreka Godis
The Oreka Godis Show On "X" (where X is the name of the radio station that cannot be named) 
"X" Morning with Oreka Godis
Good Morning, This is Oreka Godis
The Show With No Name By Oreka Godis

*OrekaSigh* this might take a while. I totally suck at naming things. The good news though is that I know what I want the show to be about. Must it really have a name?

Maybe I should call it the Whatchyamacallit Show?

Peace, Love & Naming Conventions