There's a Sadness

And now, for some alternative rock. Chances are someone will see this post and think I've started dabbling in witch craft *OrekaShrug*. To those that appreciate this kind of music - even if only for the teenage angst in you, I should probably confess that I first heard LEGS when I watched Hemlock Grove. For those who have seen and perhaps enjoyed the series, rumour has it, there MIGHT be a season two.


Back to LEGS. I went looking for them pretty much after I heard There's a Sadness. Click on LEGS to get more information about them. Their YouTube channel should you want to subscribe is LegsBandVancouvercheck out their video for Gypsy Woman.

Below is a video of LEGS performing There's a Sadness and also their cover version of Timber Timbre's We'll Find Out.

Lyrics to There's a Sadness from their tumblr:

There’s a sadness in my heart
and it trickles down my spine
it burns a whole right through my chest
onto the other side

And now it’s living in my lungs
it’s making it’s home there
and with every brick and stone it lays
its using up my air

And I’m singing
(wow oh oh oh)

Now we’re living on the devils land
we’re planting our crops there
we’re drinking down his poison yeah
we’re drinking from his well

But any night in summer
when that golden sun has set
he’ll take your hand in dance and boy
he’ll help you to forget

That you’re singing
(wow oh oh oh)

And if you see him riding in the setting sun
And if you feel it living in your lungs
You better ask yourself if dying sounds like fun
Cause you can only hide your troubles for so long
Yeah you can only hide your troubles for so long
Until they’re all you got and you’re left singing their song

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Peace, Love & Singing Through It