Yinka Awojobi: UK Gospel

A little while ago, I shared a video with you which was put togehter by my nephew and his production team. Here's a look at what his father does: 

He's been called the Godfather of UK Gospel and I suppose in many ways, he is. I remember how his love for gospel music had him embark on a search for original UK sound that didn't depend heavily on songs floating in from North America. My brother-in-law (Yinka Awojobi) took the belief in the latent talent brimming mostly underground in England and turned it into a great platform that has helped to promote, share and change the way many people worship their God on a daily basis. His program, the Gospel Breakfast show airs on Premier Gospel Radio Monday-Fridays, 7-9AM.  

Inspired much?  

Peace, Love & Planting Seeds