Kevin Davis.

On December 29, 2014 Kevin Davis was living in a one bedroom apartment with his girlfriend of several years where they allowed a co-worker to stay with them. On the evening of December 29th, his co-worker and girlfriend began arguing and during the confrontation, his girlfriend was stabbed by their co-worker.

Kevin Davis called 911 for help.

The Dekalb County Police arrived at the scene unannounced, then proceeded to shoot and kill Kevin’s dog. Kevin who thought that the shooter was the co-worker, grabbed a gun to protect his girlfriend but was met while inside and shot by the police.

Despite arresting the co-worker and the girlfriend telling the police that Kevin was in fact, saving her life, the police arrested Kevin. He was taken to Grady Hospital where his family was denied access to him.

His injuries were too severe. He died alone in police custody.

Oreka Godis