It’s time for Beginnings, the podcast where writer and performer Andy Beckerman talks to the comedians, writers, filmmakers and musicians he admires about their earliest creative experiences and the numerous ways in which a creative life can unfold.


Happy New Year’s Eve, friends! Instead of a new guest this week - I didn’t want them to get lost in the holiday shuffle - I thought I’d try something I haven’t done in a few years. I used to do bonus episodes of the show called “Field Guides” where I’d talk to people about the actual steps they took to create a project. Like, I talked to Abbi and Ilana about how they actually made the Broad City webseries (back before it was even a TV show!) - and the idea is to try and demystify making TV, videos and other creative things on a professional level. So, my almost-wife Naomi Ekperigin and I are currently in the middle of creating a pilot presentation that could possibly become a TV series, so I thought we’d spend a little time talking about that, about how one gets the opportunity in the first place to make a TV show, about what does it mean to executive produce something and much more. Hope you enjoy it, and we’ll see you next week for an all-new episode!

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