9 Famous Faces On The Struggles and Beauty of Being Afro-Latino

Afro-Latinos face many challenges when it comes identity, particularly when people refuse to believe that being Black AND Latino aren’t mutually exclusive experiences.

The Latino identity denotes an ethnicity, which means that Latinos exist in every color and race imaginable – and explaining the difference between race and ethnicity can be quite a cumbersome task to take on on a daily basis. And yet, many Afro-Latinos are often forced to do so after being told they’re not “Latino enough” or being asked to choose between being Black and Latino.

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Afro-Latinxs exist!

Afro-latin@s struggle with being ignored by the media because for some reason people don’t believe you can be both Latino and Black. This is why there’s so much controversy when it comes to race and ethnicity. People try to paint Latin@s as this light brown or even white skinned when there are many dark skinned Latin@s. They are in all parts of South America, Central America, the Caribbean, & in North America (Mexico). Unfortunately, these folks aren’t represented in the media much and we have portrayed Latin@s in a certain way that has shaped the thoughts of others when they hear that word.

this makes me like the show Scrubs even more, knowing that with Afro-latin@s in the entertainment industry struggling so much with this shit that they actually cast an Afro-latin@ (Judy Reyes, who is Dominican) as Carla Espinosa, a Dominican character. they refer back to her being latin@ quite a lot in Scrubs too so that makes for really good representation.

Hollywood could take a leaf out of their book

Oreka Godis