More ways to help the refugees


I would like to add more ways (apart from those mentioned here) in how you can help the refugees.

- The Aylankurdi fund. It was created today and takes its name from the kurdish boy who was found drowned.

- The Jesuit service for the refugees are also working with Syrians who have fled their homes not only in Europe but other places of the middle east. They are especially active in France, Malta and Portugal.

- You can donate to Unicef.

- And of course, to the Red Cross.

Apart from Amazon, there’s a way you can donate a part of the money of the stuff you sell online.

- The Guardian has this helpful list about more stuff you can do help

- And the Independent also published this very interesting and helpful article about what you can do. This includes:

The Jungle Library: makeshift library set up at the camp at Calais. They need more books lobbying local councils, providing language support, housing refugees

Migrant Offshore Aid Station: dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea

‘Childhood bags’: fundraising to take books, toys and warm clothes to children

Folkestone United: organising protests, taking donated goods to Calais in September

Glasgow Solidarity with Calais Migrants: Diane and Bob are driving to Calais with supplies

Sawa4Syria: working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Also I urge everyone to research their national refugee council or similar institution. There’s CIRÉ in France, Refugee Council in Britain, CEAR in Spain, the Flüchtlingszentrum in Germany and basically every country has a similar department whether it’s state owned or not. Many of the people who are coming and staying will need a house (in countries such as Germany and Portugal communities have offered to house them). These centres will also tell you how to donate food, furniture, clothes, meds etc. it has also been brought to my attention that many refugees will need language lessons so if you are a qualified teacher you can volunteer. In fact, many of these centres are looking for volunteers. You can also try to look into your local council/community to see what they can do to help.

Oreka Godis