Jealous of the flawless curves and perfect proportions of plus-sized models? Don’t be — many of them wear padding for photoshoots


“They come as a set — pairs of flesh-colored butt, breast, and thigh pads, along with a spandex girdle to stuff them in — and are packed in a little, black bag. They’re part of the standard equipment a plus-size model carries. Sabina, who’s about a size 12, often needs pads to fit the size 14 or 16 samples of clothing that she’s asked to model. This is not uncommon: She says she uses pads in about half her shoots, and all the models we spoke to have used them. “

…I’m somewhere between  14. I’ve been a 16 and I have been killing myself over the years to look like these women that aren’t even freakin real…

This is so grimy man.  I’m hurt. Like if you knew the things I’ve done to try achieve a flat stomach

^^^^^^^^^^^^ And this is why folks have “The Right Kind of Fat” image in their heads! The no-belly, perfect-thighs, no-cellulite, smaller arms, rounded in all the right place fat girls. YES these kinds of women do exist, but they aren’t the ones being photographed. Smaller girls in fat pads are. And it is wicked painful when folks wonder why you can’t be the plus sized girl in the magazine.

Oreka Godis