Two events, one look

Oreka Godis.JPG

Notes from MUA, Bilquis Wahab:

I wanted a sultry yet clean makeup look. The major difference between this look and the first one is the intensity of the eyes and lip colour. The skin prep was pretty much the same although we did go a little dewy.

To achieve this look,

  • I repeated all the skin prep steps from the first look
  • I used the Olay complete moisturiser for all over face and then proceeded to use a moisturising primer over it. Making sure that the product was well absorbed in to the skin
  • I went ahead to create an even base using her exact foundation shade in Black Opal tru colour foundation
  • I highlighted and contoured her face using LA girl concealers thereby bringing back structure and definition to the face
  • I set the face with a little bit of Sacha buttercup loose setting powder and used the sleek contour palette for the contoured areas of the face before going over the whole face with her exact powder shade.
  • Added some colour to the cheeks using a dark brown blush and then used a very tiny bit of highlighter on her cheekbones
  • For the eye look,I pressed a matte brown eye shadow into the lid and blended out any visible harsh lines with a blending brush. To create a sultry effect, I went for a more defined black wing liner and smudged black eye shadow under her eyes to create more drama. Finished the eye look with a pair of lashes and mascara
  • Used a purple lipstick to finish the look and bring the whole look together
  • Ensured to use the Nyx dewy setting spray all over face to create the dewy effect and yet hold the makeup together for hours