Green Light District

I first came across hair related 'Green House Effect' (GHE) earlier this year on Dr Fomsky's blog where she also recently shared her favourite oils used during her modified GHE challenge. After further reading on other hair boards and several YouTube 'before & after' videos later — everyone has their own way of doing it, I think this might actually not be another one of those out of pocket fads that lead to nowhere. What struck me is the simplicity of this night time routine which I technically (partly) do already.

During my stretch, I moisturised my hair daily using a variation of the L.O.C Method because I use a water based cream, the L.O.C.O method really came through for me & finally put an end to my dry, dull unhealthy looking hair with severe moisture issues. If you are thinking about adding this to your regimen, take a quick look through comments on Nadege's blog: 


As you can see, what you use and how you choose to moisturise and seal your hair really is determined by what your hair needs.


So, what does L.O.C.O have to do with anything? Well, during my stretch, this is sort of what I used to do at night:

From August, I'm going to add a shower cap to my nighttime routine like Mika did in her video. I hope that I get the remarkable results that I've read about just by going to bed with a shower cap on my head. It might not be the sexiest way to sleep at night and I do hope my hair doesn't start to itch or stink up a storm. Actually, who am I kidding? I'll wash that stink into submission. So, lets see what results I get three months from now.

Women lie, men lie, adverts lie but the length retention you'll get when you are on the right track? There's no forging that. 

Peace, Love & Bag It Up!