Hazy Lazy Dayz

Shall I confess to you the way I feel or how mesmerised I am by you
Would you care that my first waking breath sent a prayer out to you
Or would you rather be told how I admire you
What was it Jill Scott said about hair follicles and toes?
I think the very essence of your being is perfection in the way only God intended
And how I appreciate the boy you were, for bringing you to who you are now and humbly await the man you will no doubt become
How you breathe peace and joy to the world around you is amazing to watch, your guided steps balancing the scales of my Libran weights

How do I confess how I feel beyond words that treacherously fail me when you are around?
You’ve got me citing words I never knew I could find
With eyes the colour of a story; smile the length of time
Pity this will only ever be a fantasy, perhaps I can hold on to it anyway
So I sit behind my desk, dreaming my lunch break away

Free WriteOreka Godis