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Oyewa ka fope fun oba oluwa, eja ka wa fope fun oluwa.
Era ile won dupe, iyanrin okun, won dupe,

Barefoot and trusting, I crossed the threshold
Respecting holy lines drawn between Moses, the burning bush and the scorching heat of an early Ibadan Sunday afternoon

Eje ka wa na dupe

Service was about to begin.
I joined the segregated formation outside the main church
Boys from men,
Women from men,
Menstruating women from holy ones,
Children from nursing mothers,
Each huddled in their designated space in the all inclusive church.

Jeri mo ya ma

Dipped fingers now made moist by the small pot of holy water at the entrance
Sins cleansed in one singular motion
Forehead (in the name of the father)
Chest (the son)
Left & right shoulders (the holy spirit)

Awon angeli

Over the head goes the blue and yellow cape, breaking up the all white ensemble of the sutana

Jeri mo ya mah

Toes to the choir box
Elbow to elbow with my sisters,
Mouth to the microphone already adjusted for my solo part soon to come...

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