First Stirrings - Noni Moss's tale

Many moons ago (it feels like), a talented and dearly loved friend of mine sent this to me:

I’m doing the last bits of cleaning when the door bell rings.
He’s here!
I bound down the stairs and open the door
Uncontrollably, a smile spreads across my face
His eyes crinkle in delight
I step into his outstretched arms
Even though it’s a crisp chilly morning
I only feel the warmth of him
And that delicious manly smell of him.

We are lying in bed.
My head has settled into that nook on his shoulder
He’s reading the paper
I’m watching him read the paper
He looks soo intelligent in his absorption
He turns to look at me and my heart stops
We stare into each others eyes for moments
My breath catches as he leans closer
He smiles, kisses my forehead, turns back to the paper.

We are walking down the street
We are holding hands and our steps are synchronised
He lets me bully him into trying new things
He’s indulgent of my bossiness
I pout when he refuses point blank to get the rainbow scarf
But giggle and squeal as he chases after me and twirls me off my feet
It seems like we’ve been doing this forever
It is so natural.

We are back in my flat
It is soo cosy and warm
We drop the bags in the living room
He turns back to the hallway to hang his coat
I follow because I cannot bear to be apart from him
I reach for a hug and he wraps his arms around me
I feel like I’m truly home now.
I do what I’ve wanted to do all day
He tastes of winter, spice, warmth and the promise of soo much more

I really like this guy.
More importantly, I like that I like him.

Peace, Love & Pleasant Familiarity