Nigeria, 1951

I’ve written a total of four posts since my last entry however, none of them feel right. In as much as I would rather stick to my minimum one entry a week target, I don’t especially want to put total barf material up here either.  So, I decided to go trawling through my emails (as I fear my best literary work may well be behind me) and I am happy to say I found proof a few nuggets.

Sadly though, there are a number of them that I cannot share for fear of the people cc’d in the emails beating me to a pulp with whatever instruments their (now) husbands provide. That said, I still have some golden bits and pieces I will be sprinkling on this here space over time. Let’s start with this link -A Diary by A. Margaret Jefferies (1912-1992)- which my dear FMC emailed me about 7 years ago.  To think I almost forgot all about it!

Do leave a comment if you recognise any of the places pictured. Bonus points if you recognise any of the names/faces. If you've been to Nigeria recently, not a lot has changed, huhn? :)

Peace, Love & Badagry bread,

Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake