I have been very fortunate to meet some brilliant minds in Nigeria. One of them being Victor Sanchez Aghahowa aka Spike Lee's lil brother who for reason known only to him, really enjoys knocking together awesome chick lit of his own and then adapting it for TV.

This is Sanchez.

This is Sanchez.

This is his idea of fun:

Victor Sanchez Aghahowa How She Left My Brother.jpg

When he is not writing or directing, he and his zaney partner in creating-miracles-out-of-vast-nothingness (hi Banjo) feed their passion for punishment as they edit with mede-medes:

Victor Sanchez Aghahowa-Banko-Webseries-Nigeria-Production.jpg

I'm not sure if I should feel more sorry for their stomachs or their respective long suffering partners who have to put up with the crazy shifts of their Einsteins.  

Anyhooo (as Sanchez would say), I worked with Mr Aghahowa on a project earlier this year and though I can’t talk about that yet (though I am totally stuped I got producer credit on it…and I sort of acted in it. Sort of), I can however tell you that I stalked him into letting me work with him again. You might be glad to know though that on this project, I let the professionals do what they do best :) 

The professionals:

  • Christopher Attoh – If you haven’t seen him play Kawame in Tinsel then you’ve probably seen him in movies such as Be My Guest?
  • Eku Edewor – MNET’s resident Alanta/Azonto champion
  • Ivie Okujaye - African Movie Academy Awards 2012 Best Young Actor and winner of Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO)  Season 5  
  • OC Ukeje – AMBO 2 winner, THAT guy in Two Brides and a Baby (cant wait to see him in Half of a Yellow Sun!)
  • Vanessa Kanu
  • Victor Godfrey

Cue group shot:

(twitter handles L-R :  @EkuEdewor ,  @chrisattoh ,  @ivie_okujaiye ,  @v6_godfrey , Vanessa Kanu and  @octhegreatukeje )

(twitter handles L-R : @EkuEdewor@chrisattoh@ivie_okujaiye@v6_godfrey, Vanessa Kanu and @octhegreatukeje)

Now, if you've seen webisodes like #AwkwardBlackGirl, and are as devoted to YouTube as I am –with people like CindyNotBarbie, who needs TV eh?! Tell 'em Cindy!

Alrighty. Back to the point of this post. You like your entertainment in lil bursts, you might have watched a movie trailer online or seen a Nigerian TV show and wondered why there aren't more bitesized chunks of free madness scattered across this here t'internet. In which case, I'm super pleased to say: COMING SOON TO A LAPTOP & MOBILE DEVICE NEAR YOU ISSSSSSS  


Check out the Facebook page for #HowSheLeftMyBrother here. There will be weekly updates as we lead you to the official first screening of season 1 online. Do 'LIKE' the page so you can get the weekly updates. Every 'LIKE' and comment on the wall = promise that I will ermmm **try** to wean Sanchez & Banjo off thier very (un)healthy diet. Unless you are a brand manager for any of the afore mentioned mede-medes and would like to sponsor the show :D

That's it. 'LIKE' the FB page and keep your eyes and ears peeled for #HowSheLeftMyBrother.

Peace, Love & Mede-Medes,