Terrence Howard

The following video featuring Terrence Howard on The Breakdast Club was shared with me this morning and the depth and charisma of this guy right here...I had to share it with you too. Coining Lumi Durotoye, RitD! (Rolling in the Depth!)

Terrence Howard stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat about his film "Dead Man Down", why he left the Iron Man franchise, playing a villain so often, his relationships, various rumours and much more.

I tend to believe the past, the present, and the future are occurring simultaneously. The past is here in the present, and the same goes for the future. We’re living in this dichotomy of emotional, mental, and physical dimensions. Perhaps in the future I tap into an emotion that I’d play [in a film]. You can’t just create somebody out of thin air. There has to be something to tap into; it has to come from somewhere. Certain parts of your nature can turn into great acting. It’s nice doing something you know, if that’s not too convoluted…
— Terrance Howard.

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Peace, Love & RitD!